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Golden Temple   Jallianwala Bagh
The Harmandir Sahib (or Hari Mandir) in Amritsar, Punjab, is the holiest shrine in Sikhism. Previously (and still more commonly) known as the Golden Temple, it was officially renamed Harmandir Sahib in March 2005. The temple (or gurdwara) is a major pilgrimage destination for Sikhs from all over the world, as well as an increasingly popular tourist attraction Construction of the Golden Temple began in 1574 on land donated by the Mughal emperor Akbar. The building project was overseen by the fourth and fifth Sikh Gurus. The temple was completed in 1601, but restoration and embellishment continued over the years. hotels in amritsar Golden Temple   On April 13, 1919, a multitude of Punjabis gathered in Amritsar's Jallian wala Bagh as part of the Sikh Festival "Baisakhi fair" and to protest at these extraordinary measures. The throng, penned in a narrow space smaller than Trafalgar Square, had been peacefully listening to the testimony of victims when Dyer appeared at the head of a contingent of British troops. Giving no word of warning, he ordered 50 soldiers to fire into the gathering, and for 10 to 15 minutes 1,650 rounds of ammunition were unloaded into the screaming, terrified crowd, some of whom were trampled by those desperately trying to escape. hotel in amritsar Jallianwala Bagh
Wagah Border Durgiana Mandir
Wagah frontier is the only open border accessible legally by India and Pakistan. There are special buses that arrange trips everyday to this site from Amritsar to Wagah Border.A white line that came along with the partition in 1947 by the Britishers demarcates the border between the neighboring countries about a yard apart.
The soldiers drill with pounding long strides on the grounds as the two iron gates are shut with a final handshake. The ceremony invokes nostalgia among the visitors and offers something that one cannot afford to miss as a short excursion from Amritsar.
hotel in amritsar   Wagah Border   Durgiana Mandir, an important religious pilgrimage of The Hindus is in the Northern India. It is situated in Holy Amritsar City of Punjab. It is a few yards away from Railway Station & about 1.5 km. from the Bus Stand. This city of Amritsar is pious, as it was visited by Lord Rama, Maryada Parshotam at the time of Ashavmegh Yagh. Lov & Kush spent their childhood alongwith their mother Mata Sita at the Ashram of Maharishi Balmiki at Ram Tirath King Ishvaku Grandson of Surya Devta performed a number of Yagyas on this land. hotels in amritsar Durgiana Mandir
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